Conformity with EN 730-1:2002


Reliable quality is key point to have safe protection to user

Non flow reverse valve and leaky proof

Maximum working pressure 145 PSIG for oxygen, 15 PSIG for acetylene, 22 PSIG for other fuel

Model Gas Max Flow (Lt./Hr.) Inlet Outlet
F611-9R Oxygen 7000 9/16"x18 R.H. 9/16"x18 R.H.
F611-9L Fuel Gas 2600 9/16"x18 L.H. 9/16"x18 L.H.
F611-3R Oxygen 7000 BSP 3/8" R.H. BSP 3/8" R.H.
F611-3L Fuel Gas 2600 BSP 3/8" L.H. BSP 3/8" L.H.
F611-5R Oxygen 7000 5/8"x18 R.H. 5/8"x18 R.H.
F611-5L Fuel Gas 2600 5/8"x18 L.H. 5/8"x18 L.H.
F611-1R Oxygen 7000 BSP 1/4" R.H. BSP 1/4" R.H.
F611-1L Fuel Gas 2600 BSP 1/4" L.H. BSP 1/4" L.H.
F611-16R Oxygen 7000 M16x1.5 R.H. M16x1.5 R.H.
F611-16L Fuel Gas 2600 M16x1.5 L.H. M16x1.5 L.H.